Melbourne Marathon 2013

On my birthday this year, I ran in the Melbourne Marathon. I had a fantastic result, finishing 3rd Victorian in a time of 2:26:33.  A great result given this was really the first marathon I’d done since beginning to train for running seriously.

Breakdown of race

0-10km – 33:58 (felt easy)
10-20km – 34:24 (felt easy)
20-30km – 34:55 (still felt easy, started to sense some leg fatigue after 25, but still felt I had a huge amount to give)
30-40km – 35:17 (felt fantastic at 32 so just nudged the pace a tiny bit, and got ahead of Lisa Weightman. The real struggle, physically and mentally begun as soon as I hit the uphill section on the tan)
40-42.2km – 8:00 (hanging on. Lisa Showed her true class, and passed me at 40km – which was at the same point she took the lead of the race and won in convincing style, what a champ)


The biggest thanks goes to Neil Ryan the super coach who has taken me from being a 91 minute half marathoner/3:21 marathon runner to a 69:45 half marathoner/2:26 marathon runner… can’t ask for more than that from a coach. Neil was on the bike the whole way around, i’m a very lucky guy to have him on my side.

Other friends that helped me along the way. MJ was my helpful drinks/gel man, Woolies was there for some company around the last part of the race, and Kristy dressed up in a tiger onesie just to cheer me on! There were people all along the way for this race, and making it such a special race.

Photos and video footage

Here are some photos and video footage from the race

2 comments on “Melbourne Marathon 2013
  1. Juan Sanchez says:

    Hello! Hope all is well. Stumbled upon some footage of the race on YouTube. There are some good shots of you.


  2. Joji says:

    Thanks for this Juan! I had seen the footage, I was extremely lucky to get some good air time 🙂 hope your running is going well!

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