1. Joji Mori, my tutor, was one of the best tutors I’ve had at Melbourne Uni. He cared about me learning and about the course material in general, was always available to answer questions, and he answered those questions quite well. He ensured we knew what we needed to do and learnt the subject material to a very high level. Please please please hire more tutors like him, as the vast majority I’ve had for IT subjects have been absolutely terrible at their jobs. Usually, I get the impression the tutors are those that wouldn’t be able to find employment anywhere else, due to personality issues or complete lack of knowledge. Joji however, was the exact opposite of these frequent tutor traits. Whoever hired him, tell that guy to fire the other tutors (and those responsible for hiring and not firing the current dearth of worthless tutors) and get more tutors like Joji. Please. I can’t put this in any stronger terms without beginning to describe almost all my other tutors in far more offensive terms.
  2. Excellent staff members. Content was something different/interesting
  3. Joji provided pretty helpful feedback and answers to any questions we had while we were still in the middle of working on assignments.
  4. the staff were absolutely fantastic, joji was very committed to the subject.
  5. Joji is a valuable tutor and resource of knowledge. He was a great support. The inclusion of guest lecturers was superb. Great to receive a perspective from the workforce.